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Welcome to Luxury Boats Amsterdam! Embark on a captivating journey through Amsterdam’s canals and landmarks with our diverse boat tours. Choose from cultural canal tours or romantic sunset cruises. Our luxurious boat and expert captain ensure an unforgettable experience. Personalized tours are available to cater to your preferences. Discover the enchanting beauty of Amsterdam from the water – book your dream boating adventure today!

1. Oostzanerveld and Zaandam"

Embark on a approximately 3.5-hour scenic voyage through the Oostzanerveld, a marshland teeming with birdlife. The journey takes you from Oostzaan, passing the recreational area of Twiske, and back through the Oostzanerveld, concluding with a tranquil sail across the
Jagersplas, a popular recreational lake. The route also includes a picturesque section through Zaandam before returning to the starting point.

2. Zaanse Schans and Wormerveer

Immerse yourself in a full-day adventure encompassing approximately 4-5 hours of cruising, including passage through two locks. This duration excludes time for docking and exploration. Departing from Zaandam, you will follow the Zaan River to Wormerveer and return, marveling at the abundant industrial and historic landmarks of Zaandam, such as the iconic Verkade and Lassie factory buildings, as well as the renowned Zaanse Schans with its charming windmills.

3. Monnickendam and Broek in Waterland

Embark on a full-day journey of approximately 4.5 hours from Luijendijksluis, excluding time for docking, exploration, and visits to the designated stops. This scenic route traverses two beautiful nature reserves, Ilperveld and Varkensland, offering splendid birdwatching opportunities, breathtaking views, and a visit to the picturesque harbor of Monnickendam.

4. The Ilperveld

Indulge in a day trip of approximately 3.5 hours from Luijendijksluis, excluding time for docking, visiting the four designated stops, leisurely drifting, and swimming. From Jachthaven RS Watersport in Zaandam, the minimum duration is 5 hours. This route guides you through a stunning natural area characterized by picturesque peat meadows and small marshy woodlands, teeming with diverse bird species and offering captivating vistas.

5. The IJ, via Zaandam and the North Sea Canal

Embark on a comprehensive journey of approximately 3.5 hours in total (round trip, including passage through locks) from Jachthaven RS Watersport in Zaandam. It takes approximately 4.5
hours from Luijendijksluis. This route traverses the bustling harbor areas of Zaandam and Amsterdam, serving as an ideal starting point for further exploration of Amsterdam-Centrum or
a picturesque voyage along the Amstel River. The document outlines four key passages leading to the city center.

6. The IJ, via Landsmeer and the Noordhollandsch Kanaal

Embark on a scenic journey of approximately 3.5 hours from Luijendijksluis or approximately 5 hours in total from Jachthaven RS Watersport. This route takes you through Lijendijksluis, Landsmeer, the beautiful Ilperveld, and along the Noordhollandsch Kanaal, offering a delightful passage through Amsterdam-Noord. It serves as an excellent starting point for further exploration of Amsterdam-Centrum or a picturesque journey along the Amstel River. The document provides details about four key passages leading to the city center.

7. Waterland

Experience a series of delightful excursions through the scenic veal meadow area of Waterland. The main route consists of a circular tour through the eastern part of Waterland, with an approximate duration of 4 hours, excluding time for leisurely drifting and sightseeing. Additionally, there are two optional shortcuts at Zuiderwoude and Broek in Waterland, which significantly reduce the overall duration. Furthermore, the itinerary includes an excursion over the Uitdammer Die and a route from Holysloot, via the Ransdorper Die and the Buikslotermeerdijk, leading to the Noordhollandsch Kanaal.

8. Custom route

do you prefer a different route? Please let us know, we are delighted to assist
you with a custom made route.